North America Office Specialties
Dr. William Dershowitz Seattle Data Analysis, Flow and Transport Modeling
Dr. Thomas Doe Seattle Well Testing and Interpretation, Stress Measurement
Dr. Paul La Pointe Seattle Spatial Analysis and Fractals, Oil and Gas
Dr. Levy Kroitoru Denver Geochemistry and Environmental Restoration
Dr. Glori Lee Seattle Numerical Methods
Bill Thompson    Denver Coal bed Methane
Dr. Trenton Cladouhos Seattle Structural Geology
Dr. Steve Rogers Vancouver, Canada Fractured Reservoir Modeling
Dr. Nicole DeNovio Seattle Flow and Transport Modeling, Data Analysis
Dr. Ken Been Houston Reservoir Engineering, Radioactive Waste Repositories
Dr. Florin Gheorghiu Philadelphia Well Testing and Environmental Remediation
Scott Donald Waterloo/Guelph
Flow and Transport Modeling
Paul Williams Denver  Flow and Transport Modeling
John Woznievitch Calgary In Situ Hydraulic Testing
Trevor Carter Toronto Rock Mechanics
Dr. Yuxing Xiao Calgary Geomechanics
Europe Office Specialties
Jan Hermanson Stockholm, Sweden Structural Geology, Fracture Data Analysis
Aaron Fox, L.G. Stockholm, Sweden Structural Geology, Engineering Geology, Fracture Data Analysis, Flow & Transport Modeling
Dr. Johan Holmen Brussels, Belgium Flow Modeling
Mr. Cristian Enachescu Celle, Germany Well Test Design and Interpretation
Dr. Simon Emsley Maidenhead, UK Fracture Imaging from Seismic Data (Vertical Seismic Profiling)

In Memory of Dr. Peter Wallmann


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